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Centre for Research on Culture and Gender

The Centre for Research on Culture and Gender at the Department of Languages and CulturesGhent University, supports research and scholarly exchange on questions of identity, difference and diversity in a globalized world from the perspective of critical inquiry, qualitative and interdisciplinary research methodologies.

The Centre brings together scholars and students from the arts, humanities and social sciences, in collaboration with other disciplines, interested in the study of culture in intersection with gender and/or other identity markers such as sexuality, ethnicity, class, nation and religion.



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    CANCELLED--Researching Intimacy--Thoughts from Fieldwork in the Nursing Home

    1:30 amHybrid (see details below)
    Lunch seminar

    Latest update on 30 November:

    For those who have registered, please note, this lunch seminar is CANCELLED and will be re-scheduled because our speaker got sick and cannot make it. We will post more information when a new date is selected

    About the seminar

    During this CRCG lunch seminar, drs. Gabriëlle de Pooter shares insights from her currently ongoing fieldwork on intimacy and sexuality in a nursing home. Many spaces through which older women move might be considered ‘unsexy’ as they are tied up with stereotypes of older women being asexual. One such space is the nursing home, a common place of living for many older women. However, as geographers have noted, no place is truly devoid of sexuality. So how do desire, longing and refusal emerge through the cracks of institutionalised regimens of care? During her seminar, Gabriëlle reflects on the research process, methods used, emerging themes in the data, and ethical challenges when psychiatric diagnoses come into play. There will also be room for discussion, exchange and feedback.

    About the speaker

    Gabriëlle de Pooter is a doctoral researcher working in the ERC-project 'Later-in-Life Intimacy: Women's Unruly Practices, Places and Representations' (LiLI). Her specific research within the project locates itself at the intersection of gender, sexuality, aging, and their relation to space and place. Get to know more about LiLI and the research team via: http://lili.ugent.be

    Participation format

    This is a hybrid event.

    For both online and offline participants, please register via the link here so we can better accommodate you.
    - On-campus: Faculteitszaal, Blandijnberg 2, 9000 Ghent
    - Online: you will receive an automatic meeting link upon your registration.


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