Re-enchanting the world with Silvia Federici

GHENT – 26, 28 & 29 OCTOBER 2020

Ghent University, Kunsthal Ghent and Kunstencentrum Vooruit join forces to host a multiple day event with feminist activist, writer and teacher Silvia Federici, renowned for her research and activism at the intersection of women’s, anti-capitalist, and anti-colonial struggles. Silvia Federici will join online while we will gather physically at Vooruit and Kunsthal Gent.

Monday 26 October: Film Screening (TBA) selected by Silvia Federici

Art Cinema OFFoff, 20:00

Introduction by Omar Jabary Salamanca (ULB)

Wednesday 28 October: Public lecture by Silvia Federici

Vooruit, 20:00

Rethinking and restructuring social reproduction in times of racist violence and global epidemic

Lecture followed by conversation with Ida Dequeecker (BOEH, Furia) and Benedikte Zitouni (UCL, Saint-Louis Bruxelles). Chaired by Kopano Maroga, Vooruit

The current global crisis has shown that vast processes of change will be needed to repair the broken infrastructures and address the social inequalities that are at the origin of the pan- demic. Silvia Federici argues that the coming together of a broad range of struggles over healthcare, agriculture and food produc- tion, environmental justice and care work, as well as the rejec- tion of all forms of racism and xenophobia are the condition not just for a return to ‘normality’, but for the transformation of the crisis into an opportunity for change.

Silvia Federici will be present online, discussants and audience gather at Vooruit. The event will be streamed live.

Thursday 29 October: Workshop: Re-enchanting the world with Silvia Federici

Kunsthal Gent, 17:00 – midnight

Intimate workshop with activists, artists and academics.

As our homes are transforming into permanent zoom-offices and home-schooling units, there is a politics of labour emerging from the pandemic that deepens historic inequalities of class, race and gender. Starting from two cases in Belgium (e.g. on the in/ outsourcing of cleaners and on the enclosures of the beach), we aim to collectively create a pamphlet with Silvia that will record and respond to the urgent questions of this moment of global crisis and its opportunities for a new commons.

Silvia Federici will be present online, workshop participants gather in situ at Kunsthal Gent.


Max. 30 people on site / via OPEN CALL (SEND YOUR MOTIVATION BY 2 OCTOBER)

If you would like to participate, then please fill in this form.
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Jesse Jones, Kunsthal Gent, Ghent University (Omar Jabary Salamanca, Julie Carlier and Siggie Vertommen)