Lecture: Stories [that] Matter: Migrant Academics’ Narratives of Precarity and Resilience in Europe

Migrant Academics’ Narratives of Precarity and Resilience in Europe grew out of the accumulation of knowledge, experiences, and frustrations of political sociologist Ladan Rahbari, who was born in Iran, and political scientist Olga Burlyuk from Ukraine.

The result is a walk-through of precarity, racialisation, systematic forms of discrimination and gendered hierarchies written and narrated by migrant academics from the Global South working in universities of the Global North. Building on precarity as a critical concept for challenging social exclusion or forming political collectives, the authors move away from conventional academic styles, instead adopting autobiography and autoethnography as methods of intersectional scholarly analysis. This approach creatively challenges the divisions between the system and the individual, the mind and the soul, the objective and the subjective, as well as science, theory, and art.

This lecture will be given by the book editors:

– Olga Burlyuk, professor of Europe’s external relations at the Department of Political Science at University of Amsterdam.

Ladan Rahbari, professor of Sociology at the Department of Sociology at University of Amsterdam




12h30 Lecture by prof. dr. Ladan Rahbari & prof. dr. Olga Burlyuk

13h30 Q&A

14h00 End



Monday 23rd of October from 12:30 to 14:00



Auditorium F, Building Technicum 2, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent


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Accessible for everyone (inside and outside UGent)



Free admission but registration is required via this link: https://event.ugent.be/registration/LectureLadanRahbariandOlgaBurlyuk