Of ingénieurs and logiques: Gender, mobility and knowledge in Kinshasa’s emerging tech scene by Katrien Pype (KU Leuven)


Katrien Pype is an anthropologist who has been working on Kinshasa’s media and technology cultures since 2003. She has published in journals such as Ethnos: Journal of Anthropology; Journal of the Royal Anthropological Society; Visual Anthropology; and Media, Culture & Society. Her monograph, The Making of the Pentecostal Melodrama: Religion, Media, and Gender in Kinshasa, was published in 2012; she also co-edited a volume on Ageing in Sub-Saharan Africa: Spaces and Practices of Care (Bristol University Press). Katrien also co-initiated the CongoResearchNetwork. She is associate professor in anthropology at the KU Leuven.